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On Deck Thermal Cycler

On Deck Thermal Cycler - ODTC

On Deck Thermal Cycler for 96-well or 384-well microplates.

Automate molecular biological workflows requiring heating or cooling steps with an ODTC integrated on a Hamilton liquid handling workstation.

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ODTC 384Simple, on-deck integration

  • Designed for on-deck integration with all Hamilton liquid handling workstations
  • On-deck footprint of the ODTC is equivalent to 2.5 SBS positions; controlling unit and power supply are external
  • Up to 2 ODTC fit on a 7-track carrier; up to 4 ODTC fit on a STAR Line instrument

Fast PCR runs and highest performance guaranteed

  • Thermal cycling with INHECO´s innovative 3D vapor chamber technology (VCM®)
  • Excellent well-to-well temperature uniformity, high heating and cooling rates, rapid transition into plateau temperature

Easily upgrade Hamilton liquid handling systems on site

  • Integrate the ODTC at any time without any deck modification needed

Streamline your genomic workflow

  • Pipette directly into PCR plates located on the ODTC
  • Lid can be opened horizontally at any time during heating/cooling
  • Molecular biological workflows, even if multi-step processes, can be fully automated