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Multiflex Tip Cutter

Multiflex Tip Cutter

The Hamilton Multiflex Tip Cutter is used to cut any Hamilton CO-RE disposable tips in order to provide a wider orifice of a desired diameter. This enables better handling of shear-sensitive samples such as cells, as well as larger particles, such as complex culture media, bead suspensions, disrupted solids, and lysates.

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Tip Cutter

The Multiflex Tip Cutter cuts up to 8 tips at once and can be tilted on its side to give the tips a pointed edge for piercing applications or colony picking.

  • 6-track wide Multiflex Base Plate Carrier
  • Multiflex Tip Cutter mounts in the front position to allow easy access to the waste bucket
  • Multiflex Carrier maximizes deck capacity with two additional SBS size Multiflex modules positions.