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What is APE?


Need more than just liquid handling?

Hamilton’s Application Engineering (APE) Group offers attractive solutions for customers:

  • Custom-designed application solutions
  • Modifications or enhancement of current products
  • Support services
  • New applications of existing Hamilton products 

Need Help?  +1-775-858-3000

The Application Engineering group leads the industry in integration of third-party products and promotes the philosophy that Hamilton is a customer satisfaction oriented company that contributes to innovation and quality products.

The Hamilton Custom Solutions Team puts their experience to work for you. If your plate does not fit one of our standard heat exchanger adapters we can precision-mill one for you. The i-SWAP and the Rack Runner make it easy for us to integrate your peripherals and those bottles you are forced to use, yes, we can make a carrier for them. Or would you rather have us recommend a suitable labware for your application? After all, we’ve seen quite a few specimens in the combined 25 years we’ve served your needs. Does your Lab-bench not fit the system you need? Have a look at the modular integration benches we build. We know how important an ergonomic workplace is for you and we’ve moved systems into labs ourselves glad that we did that site survey with you.

With our background in Biological and Analytical Sciences within Industry and Academia we have the hands-on experience in our field of expertise to not only understand your protocol but also the unwritten laws and challenges existing in each lab.

Our experienced engineers create innovative, economic solutions maintaining functional elegance that meets your requirements while exceeding expectations.

Usability enabled by intuitive software solutions – our software engineers know you need flexibility to grow and get the most out of your investment.

Following the Hamilton Code of Quality our Project Leaders drive your project through the realization phases keeping you appraised of the status at all times.

Market Segment Managers:

  • Technical/scientific consulting during inception, specification and realization of each project.
  • We’ve been there, done that. We get your real life challenges in the lab.
  • We analyze your process and design a solution based on Hamilton standard components, specify custom components to suit your special needs and recommend the appropriate 3rd party device for integration.

Application Consulting Engineers:

  • Your technical liaison in the field

Project Leaders:

As an integral component of the Custom Solutions group at Hamilton Robotics, Project Leaders (PLs) manage the progression of realizing your automated liquid handling concept.  The PL assigned to your custom robotics application will work closely with an Applications Consulting Engineer and Custom Solutions Engineer to oversee the design and fabrication of the hardware needed to meet the requirements of your workflow. Likewise, PLs work alongside Applications and Software Specialists to ensure that your automated workstation achieves the highest degree of both flexibility and functionality.  Whether you simply need to adapt unique labware to our robotics platform or a complex system with integrated devices, we will lead your project until your automated solution comes to fruition.

Application Specialists:

Our Application Software Specialists have diverse backgrounds in related Life sciences and/or Computer Sciences. Paired with their hands-on experience on robotic liquid handlers this enables them to create flexible software solutions that meet your requirements.

The Application Software Specialist Team specializes in the creation of software solutions by creating flexible infrastructures for additional software implementations where customers seek functionality not present in the native application.

Hardware Engineers:

Our team provides robust design solutions custom engineered to meet the client’s specific needs. These solutions include seamless integration of STAR, NIMBUS and VANTAGE instruments to 3rd party devices as well as innovative custom on-deck and below deck hardware. We have extensive in-house machining facilities and established procedures that allow us to maintain quality control throughout the fabrication process.

Each custom solution is assembled, test fitted and verified through operation by our team to ensure proper fit, form, and function before it is released to the customer. We have the ability to engineer effective solutions ranging from small labware adapters up to multi-instrument enclosed systems and everything in between.

Our team has the flexibility to adapt innovative solutions to situations where standard components cannot provide the desired results.

Our team has extensive experience with third-party devices as well as integration expertise with both STAR and NIMBUS platforms.