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Disposable Tips

Disposable Tips

The Hamilton Company designed the CO-RE tips for its Microlab pipetting workstations in order solve the problem of sealing and alignment plagued by press-fit tip attachment techniques.  Each CO-RE disposable tip has a circular groove inside the attachment orifice.  An o-ring on the pipetting channel is expanded to fit this groove precisely providing an air-tight seal and straight alignment between tip and pipetting channel.

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Tip Type Signature—Each CO-RE tip type has a unique set of ridges molded into it so that the pipette channel can detect the tip type and the software can compare tip type with pipetting settings to make sure they are compatible.

Tip QualityHamilton goes beyond on relying just on statistical analysis of tip quality to assure the highest product quality.  Instead it has invested in an automated computer-based visualization system to inspect every tip before it is packed in its rack.  Each tip is checked for straightness (no bananas!), concentricity of its orifice, and absence of flash from the molding process.  This way you can be assured that Hamilton is shipping 100% performing product for accurate pipetting with each tip.  Hamilton serves both the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries with its products which are used for screening much of the world's blood supply, diagnosing blood-evidenced diseases and the discovery of new drugs and disease diagnosis methods.  None of the assays in these health-critical processes can reasonably tolerate any failure of tips to meet specification.

Optimal Tip Design—Hamilton tips are designed for optimal liquid handling.  Each dimension of the tip has been analyze and optimized using numerical grid simulations and empirical testing to produce accurate and repeatable results in the widest range of pipetting modes.

Tip Types

  • Conductive (black) / Non-conductive (clear)
  • Filtered / non-filtered
  • Individual racks (blue frame) / stacked (black frame)

Stacked Tips—In order increase tip capacity on the workstation deck for longer walk-away times and to increase tip packaging density, Hamilton designed a new stackable tip frame for the CO-RE 10 µl, 50 µl and 300 µl unfiltered tips.  These tips come in a package containing a disposable frame, five stacks with 4 tip racks, each rack with 96 tips.  With these packs a user can load 1,920 tips on the deck in one step.  And, all these tips take up only 6 tracks on the deck.  The frames are able to be manipulated by the iSWAP, CO-RE grippers and SWAP.  Tips can be picked up by the independent channels or 96 channel mulitprobe head directly from the stack eliminating the need to move the frames to a tip pick-up position.  This saves not only processing time but also frees up an extra position on the deck.  Used tips and frames can be ejected into the standard waste bag or front/side mounted tip waste chute.

Stacked tip racks can be loaded in bulk on the deck using a single low profile standard carrier, or individual frames or single stack of frames can be loaded on Multiflex modules.

Type sizes:  All tips are Certified RNAse/DNAse/pyrogen-free

Tip size Pipette volume Precision Trueness
10µl 0.5µl 6.0% 10.0%
10µl 10µl 1.0% 1.5%
50µl 1µl 4.0% 5.0%
50µl 50µl 0.75% 2.0%
300µl 200µl 0.75% 1.0%
1000µl 1000µl 0.75% 1.0%
5000µl 5000µl 0.5% 1.0%