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Piercing tips

Pipette into various sealed labware

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The new Hamilton Robotics Piercing tip is optimized to aspirate and dispense into various sealed labware which is pierceable with ≤ 10 N. The special tip design offers users compatibility with most commercially available seals.
  • Optimum material composition – carbon fiber reinforcement allows to pierce various sealing materials
  • Excellent pipetting performance – plurality of ribs enables pressure compensation while aspirate and dispense
  • Blockage prevention when the sealed tube gets pierced due to modified pipette tip bore
  • Enhanced pipetting safety & reliability with the CO-RE PerfectTouch system
  • Available with and without filter
  • Usable with 1000 µL pipetting channels/CO-RE 96 Probe Head
  • Pressure-based Liquid Level Detection (pLLD) and capacitive LLD (cLLD) with conductive (black) version
  • Process safety offered by Monitored Air Displacement and Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring
  • Tip length: 65 mm
  • Tip geometry allows pressure compensation while piercing
  • Inner tip orifice: 0.4 mm
  • Color-coded label of rack: yellow


Piercing of various septas, e.g.:

  • Pre-split SepraSeal caps for Matrix tubes
  • Fluid X tubes 0.75 mL with aluminum foil
  • Micronic tubes with pre-split sealing mat
  • Glass tubes, screw caps with pre-split septa
  • Covaris tubes, caps with pre-split septa
  • 384-well plate, sealed with aluminum


Additional equipment required (carrier/tool):

  • To hold down the tubes, you need a fixation frame based on the MFX carrier
  • The standard fixation frame is designed for 1.4mL matrix tubes
  • For all other tube types, a customized fixation frame is required. The fixation frame changes based on the labware used


  • Available in trays of 96 tips
  • One blister pack contains 5 trays


Available Options Part Number Case
150µL Piercing Conductive Non-Sterile Filter Tips 235658 case of 5,760 tips
(Blister 5 x 96 tips per rack)
250 μL Piercing Conductive Non-Sterile Non-Filter Tips 235805 case of 5,760 tips
(Blister 5 x 96 tips per rack)
150 μL Piercing Conductive Sterile Filter Tips 235649 case of 5,760 tips
(Blister 5 x 96 tips per rack)
250 μL Piercing Conductive Sterile Non-Filter Tips 235659 case of 5,760 tips
(Blister 5 x 96 tips per rack)


Additional equipment required:

Name Part number Description
Fixation frame 188313 Fixation frame for 1.4 mL matrix tubes
MFX base plate 188039 Multiflex carrier base plate
MTP position 188041 Park position

The racks are compatible with iSWAP, CO-RE Gripper and Rack Runner and following modules:

  • STAR tip carrier P/N 182085 (5 trays of 96 tips)
  • Fixation frame for 1.4 mL matrix tube P/N 188313
  • MTP Fixation Frame P/N 188095 APE
  • MultiFlex module P/N 188160 (1 rack of 96 tips)
  • NIMBUS Pedestal P/N 61054-01 (1 tray of 96 tips)