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NIMBUS Pedestals

Designed for flexibility, choose from a variety of pedestals to configure, and reconfigure as needed, the high-density deck of the NIMBUS to fit your assay workflow.

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Nested Tip Rack Pedestal Mircoplate Pedestal Deep Well Microplate Pedestal Framed Tip Rack Pedestal
Holds 1 set of 4 x Nestable Tip Racks (NTRs); also used as a holder for select adapters Holds 1 standard SBS microplate Holds 1 standard SBS deep well plate; also used for PCR adapter Holds 1 Framed Tip Rack of CO-RE disposable tips; also holds filtered CO-RE tips
Mircoplate Labware Gripper & Paddle Stacking Pedestals Microplate CO-RE Paddles Stacking Pedestal Reagent Trough Pedestal Tip Isolator Pedestal
Holds a stack of up to 5 x standard SBS microplates; used with the Labware Gripper arm only Holds up to 8 x standard SBS microplates, used with CO-RE Paddles only Holds up to 5 x 50mL reagent troughs This pedestal prevents cross-contamination when reusing tips. Available for 50, 300 and 1000 μL tips with an integrated deep well plate.
  50mL Falcon Like Tubes 6 Position 
1536-well Microplate Pedestal 32 Position Tube Pedestal for 12 mm - 13 mm tubes 24 Position Tube Pedestal for 16 mm - 17 mm tubes and 15 mL Falcon type tubes 6 Position Tube Pedestal for 50 mL Falcon type tubes
Holds 1 standard 1536-well microplate; accommodates most commercially available 1536-well microplates 32 position pedestal for small sample tubes in SBS format; accommodates tube sizes (diameter x height) including: 12 mm x 75 mm; 12 mm x 100 mm; 13 mm x 75 mm; and 13 mm x 100 mm 24 position pedestal for medium sample tubes; accommodates tube sizes (diameter x height) including: 16 mm x 75 mm; 16 mm x 100 mm; 17 mm x 75 mm; and 17 mm x 100 mm 6 position pedestal for 50 mL tubes (Falcon Tubes); accommodates tube sizes (diameter x height) including: 30 mm x 115 mm