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The Hamilton HEPA hood is specifically designed for integration onto the Microlab NIMBUS, STAR and VANTAGE Liquid Handling System platforms.

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Hamilton offers the convenience of HEPA filtered hood while meeting ISO 14644-1, Federal Standard 209E. The Hamilton HEPA hood is easily controlled through the VENUS or INSTINCT softwares.

Available Hoods for all the Hamilton Platforms:

  • STARlet
  • STAR
  • STARplus
  • VANTAGE Liquid Handling System
*Hamilton HEPA hoods are offered with UV light option.

Available Options Part Number
Microlab STAR HEPA Filter Hood 55495-01
Microlab STARlet HEPA Filter Hood 55500-01
Microlab STARplus HEPA Filter Hood 55506-01
Microlab NIMBUS HEPA Filter Hood Call for information
VANTAGE Liquid Handling System Call for information