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SPE Column CORE Cradle

Column-based Solid Phase Extraction on the STAR is realized with a 8 column CORE cradle and three position vacuum carrier. Samples can be loaded in tubes or plates. Columns are loaded on the CORE cradles. Samples are prepared and pipetted into the columns along with buffer and later eluting agents. The columns are placed over a vacuum carrier to evacuate wash solution and sample waste. They are then transported with the CORE pipetting channels over target tubes for gravity elution of either extracted chemicals, nucleic acids or large proteins for quantitative analysis.

The CORE cradle facilitates the transport of columns for large liquid volume extraction assays.

The first application of this hardware was developed in partnership with Biochemical Diagnostics Inc. for drugs of abuse testing using BCD's Detectabuse™ "No Vacuum" gravity series GV-65 Columns.

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