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CO-RE Technology

Increased productivity with the CO-RE PerfectTouch system

Many of today’s applications require precision in tip attachment and positioning. To ensure such precision, Hamilton uses quality engineered components and the CO-RE PerfectTouch tip attachment technology.Forceless tip pickup

  • CO-RE technology attaches disposable CO-RE tips to the special designed pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit
  • Each CO-RE disposable tip has a circular groove inside the attachment orifice
  • An o-ring on the pipetting channel is expanded to fit this groove precisely providing an air-tight seal and straight alignment between the tip and pipetting channel
  • The o-ring is squeezed and expands into the groove, thereby affixing the disposable tip to the pipetting channel
  • With CO-RE functionality we can design special tools to dispense, punch, pierce, manipulate, handle - all varieties of steps in an automated process
Forceless tip pickup


Optimized workflow due to clear advantagesAerosol-free tip ejection

  • Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by soft, aerosol-free tip drop-off
  • Improved system reliability by minimized mechanical stress for tip attachment/tip ejection
  • Ensure reproducible results by highest positional accuracy along all axes
  • Increase the pipetting performance of the overall system
  • Maximum flexibility: allows for different sizes of tips on the same pipetting head in the same run





Aerosol-free tip ejection


Filtertips - Pristine results and safety due to porous filter

A pipetting procedure can generate aerosols during aspiration of the sample, contaminating the pipette channel and any sample material to follow. Cross-contamination is not acceptable when working with irreplaceable, infectious or expensive samples.

To prevent aerosol contamination, Hamilton utilizes filters in CO-RE tips to meet the critical tolerance levels of today’s robotic pipetting tips.

The selected, non-leachable filter insert in the tip can release substances which may adversely affect experiments. Hamilton filter inserts do not contain so called “leachables,” therefore excluding any possible influence or adverse result on PCR or other analytical applications.

Maximum consistency in air flow and the chosen porosity of the robotic filter element ensures optimal pipetting and dispensing performance across a wide range of liquid volumes. The filter element assembled in the CO-RE tip features defined hydrophobic properties and high filter media purity.

  • Free from DNA-/RNase-/DNaseMicroscopic picture of the porous filter insert material

  • Non-cytotoxic

  • Non-hemolytic

  • No heavy metal/inorganic element interference

  • Clinical laboratory methodology compatibility (chemistry, coagulation and drug methodologies)

  • Bacterial aerosol filtration efficiency of >99.9%




Microscopic picture of the porous filter insert material

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