The VisiFerm RS485 has new electronics offering end users a more robust and higher performing sensor all while being compatible within existing installations by keeping the same total sensor length. Improved functionalities allow for more accurate calibrations along with diagnostics features such as cap and sensor quality indicators. This sensor is 100% backwards compatible and offers flexibility in choosing to use either the H0 and H2 ODO caps or the improved H3 and H4 ODO caps. The VisiFerm RS485 provides Arc (Modbus RS485) and ECS (Electro Chemical Signal) interfaces with the option of a 4-20mA signal using the Arc Wi 2G BT Adapter.

The VisiFerm RS485 requires 80% less calibrations when using the new H3 and H4 caps and the sensor provides a 50% longer lifetime (improved robustness) regardless of cap used. Improved sensor electronics provide higher precision and accuracy of measurements along with improved supply chain security for the next decade.