Hamilton Safety Sockets have three main options to consider - Stainless steel grade, length, and angle.

Stainless Steel Grade

The stainless steel grade should match the vessel which the socket will be mounted on. Examples of the different grades are provided below.

Hamilton (DIN)AISI / SAEUNSOther Common Names
Stainless Steel 1.4404316L StainlessUNS S31603SS2348
Stainless Steel 1.4435316L StainlessUNS S31603SS2353
Stainless Steel 1.4571316Ti StainlessUNS S31635SS2350

Length (or OP)

Finally, the socket length should be selected based on the wall thickness of the tank. A longer socket may be needed if the tank is jacketed. The socket length should also match the O-ring Position (OP) of any existing sensor housings. This ensures proper sealing with no dead space.

Learn more about O-ring Position


Angled sockets are designed to be welded to the vessel at a 15 degree angle. They are preferred for liquid filled electrochemical sensors such as pH and polarographic DO sensors. The angle ensures that the liquid remains at the tip of the sensor where the measurement occurs.