Hamilton offers two versions of our single-use optical dissolved oxygen caps. These caps are pre-installed and pre-sterilized at the vendor and the design is slightly different based on their intended installation. Both styles of caps are fully compatible with VisiFerm SU Sensors. The below image displays how to use Hamilton's ODO caps.

oDO SX Cap
How to use the oDO SX Cap

Ref 243461: Optical DO Cap S0 Kit

The ODO Cap S0 is designed for single-use bag installations. The cap directly installs into a 1" barbed port commonly used for these types of bags. Each cap includes the fixation ring and calibration tag. An EPDM o-ring ensures proper sealing against any variations in the port wall. After installation the cap is gamma sterilized with the completed bag assembly. The VisiFerm SU Arc sensor is threaded into the cap on-site to provide the measurement to the bioreactor.

Optical DO Single Use Cap S0 Kit

Ref 10077858: Optical DO Cap S2 Kit

The ODO Cap S2 is designed for single-use bioreactor installations. The cap has male M14 threads (Reverse threaded) that allow it to be affixed onto a insertion tube within the bioreactor. Internal threads allow the VisiFerm SU Arc sensor to affix to the cap with the exact spacing for accurate dissolved oxygen measurement. The ODO Cap S2 is gamma sterilized with the bioreactor prior to shipment to the end user.

Ref 10113953: Optical DO Cap S3 Kit

The Hamilton ODO Cap S3 Kit for the optical measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) is a single-use (SU) replacement cap for the VisiFerm SU sensor. Integrated within a 1" barbed SU bag port. No wetted EPDM o-ring. Designed for hose clamp fixation, no fixation ring.

ODO S3 Single Use cap

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