ORP Sensor Easyferm Plus Arc

EasyFerm ORP Arc sensors have all the benefits of traditional EasyFerm ORP sensors enhanced by the intelligence of Arc technology. The Arc system eliminates the transmitter and communicates directly with your Process Control System. The EasyFerm ORP sensor family was designed for demanding pharmaceutical and chemical applications, with features built in to resist fouling. A pre-pressurized reference electrolyte prevents the diffusion of sample into the sensors. The Everef-F cartridge ensures that the Phermlyte reference electrolyte remains free of silver and precipitation. The HP Coatramic diaphragm is designed to prevent coating and fouling. EasyFerm ORP sensors are compatible with autoclavation, CIP, and SIP.

Arc Intelligent Sensor Technology

EasyFerm Plus sensors include the option for Arc intelligent sensor technology within the sensor. The video shows how Arc can save considerable time and cost in all phases of your process.

ArcAir Software

Connecting to a Traditional Bioreactor?

Taking advantage of the benefits of Arc pH sensors on a traditional bioreactor requires bypassing a controller’s built-in milli-volt sensor input. The introduction of the Arc ECS Adapter simplifies this connection by utilizing the existing bioreactor milli volt input.

Arc Sensor Cables


Specific Applications


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