Hamilton's single-use dissolved oxygen monitoring system is comprised of the reusable VisiFerm DO SU and a single-use optical dissolved oxygen sensor cap. The cap is integrated with the single-use container by the container manufacturer.

Unlike other single-use dissolved oxygen options, Hamilton's reusable sensor element enables a compact and cost-effective measurement solution without sacrificing accuracy or precision. A standard measuring loop consists of a sensor element, which is connected to the VisiFerm DO SU.

Video: Simplify Your Single-Use Process

  • Single-Use Dissolved Oxygen Measurement Element

  • Single-Use Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Caps

Still using reusable dissolved oxygen sensors in single use applications?

Traditional polarographic DO sensors must be inserted directly into the single use process risking contamination and leakage. Learn how Hamilton optical DO single use sensors solve this issue and let you keep your sensor run-after-run.


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