Viable Cell Density Sensors Now Available for Single-Use Applications

Hamilton's Incyte viable cell density sensor patches can now be fully integrated into single-use bioreactor bags. Start up only requires attaching the reusable outer module.


Anatomy of Incyte SU Viable Cell Density (VCD)


Measurement principle

Permittivity and Conductivity

Measurement range

0–700 pF/cm, equivalent to 5 x 105 to 8 x 109 cells/mL (mammalian)


Weld-in flush sensing element

Arc Module Options

Straight for stirred tank bags

Wetted Parts

HDPE / Ceramic / Glass / Platinum

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Single-Use sensor portfolio

Designed Specifically to Meet Your Single-Use Requirements

Our single-use sensors combine the reliability and measurement stability of our long-term proven conventional sensors with the ease of use as an integral part of the bioreactor. The sensors retain the high accuracy performance even after gamma irradiation and a sufficient shelf life making it the ideal single-use solution.


How Do I Purchase Incyte SU VCD Sensors?

Hamilton single-use sensors are available to integrators such as bag, bioreactor, and downstream skid manufacturers, but also for end-users.

  • Bioreactor, bag, and downstream skid manufacturers are encouraged to contact us to discuss integration opportunities.
  • End-users at biopharmaceutical companies are encouraged to contact us for trials setup or trial containers.


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