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Hamilton has Been an Innovator in the Process Analytics Field for the Past 30 Years

Join us throughout this on-line magazine to find out our thoughts on the latest sensor technologies and what the next 30 years will bring. Along the way you will discover who we are, how we got here, and how helping our customers drives everything we do.


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Letter from Vice President, Clara Caminada Drug Discovery

Regulation is a double-edged sword. With one edge it protects millions of people from poor manufacturing processes and unethical practices. With the other edge it burdens companies with stringent...

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Hamilton Across Healthcare

From its roots in analytical chemistry and chromatography, Hamilton has grown to enhance many aspects of the healthcare industry...

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The Next Frontier of Bioprocessing: Forging the Path Towards Fuller PAT Compliance

In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published guidance regarding an initiative it calls process analytical technology, or PAT.
PAT establishes guidance for biopharma manufacturers to develop next-generation...

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Incyte® Arc®: A Smart Sensor for Biopharma

The long-awaited Incyte Arc sensor combines the benefits of a reliable and continuous viable cell density (VCD) measurement with the intelligence of the Arc platform. Real-time measurement provides immediate...

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The Future of Intelligent Process Sensors

It’s been 15 years since the FDA first released its Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative, challenging the pharmaceutical industry
to adopt quality innovations through real-time monitoring...

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From Early Adopters to the Broad Majority: How the Benefits of Arc Technology Became the Norm

The benefits of intelligent sensors such as those on the Arc platform are now widely understood, but this was not always the case. Here we talk to Global Sales Director Frank Wolpers...

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Production with a View: A Look into the Innovative Production Philosophy of Process Analytics

Thirty years ago, the Sensor pioneers could only dream of the modern production facility that we enjoy every day at Hamilton. Located in idyllic Bonaduz, Switzerland...

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The People Factor

The continued success of Hamilton Process Analytics (PA) is possible only through collaboration between the people who use the company’s products and the people who create them. This collaboration is so important...

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Bringing The Trustworthiness of Reusable Sensors to Single-Use

Hamilton recently expanded its portfolio of single-use sensors designed with the same technology as Hamilton’s widely used reusable probes. The single-use sensors are built to offer the same quality and performance, but designed...

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30 Years of Innovation

In an industry dominated by well-established players, Hamilton Process Analytics’ (PA) rise as an innovative sensor developer is surprising given Hamilton’s relatively late entrance into the market. How exactly did this division of Hamilton grow...

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Taking Time to Celebrate

To celebrate the beginning of its 30th year in the biopharmaceutical sensors market, Hamilton Process Analytics (PA) hosted “Herbstfest,” an autumn outdoor celebration...

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The Measure of Excellence

For three decades Hamilton PA has been driven by our core values…

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Like what you're reading? Download all the articles in Sensing the Future as a PDF.