Process Connection Options for Housings

This knowledge base article provides a brief primer on the options of process mounting connections commonly available on the market.

Understanding Sensor Holder O-ring Position (OP)

Many holders and sensors rely on o-ring seals for proper installation. This article discusses o-ring position (OP) for G 1¼” (Ingold) connections.

Retractex - Pneumatic Retraction and Cleaning

Trying to understand how Hamilton Retractex housings can be automated? This short video shows retraction and cleaning.

Retractex - Manual Insertion and Seal Replacement

This short overview video demonstrates how Hamilton Retractex housings with the manual insertion option work as well as disassembly and seal replacement.

Hygienic Socket Overview

The Hamilton Hygienic Socket is a unique sensor holder that directly replaces the traditional G1-1/4" 25mm Ingold socket and FlexiFit sensor holder with a single insertion device. This short article looks more closely at the design and function of this product.

The HyCIP Process Connection for Retractex B

The HyCIP process connection is a unique version of the G1-1/4" process connection that ensures added cleaning and sterility in critical processes. This article shows how HyCIP works.

Tips and Tricks for Specifying Flowcells

The Hamilton Flowcell and Flowcell XL are used for continuous measurement on at-line liquid samples. These products offer multiple combinations for sensor installation, piping connections, and o-ring seals. This Knowledgebase article explores some common questions that occur when using these products.