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Major US regions will now work end-to-end with Hamilton sales and support staff to purchase sensors, probes, and process analytics accessories

After 30 years designing and developing best-in-class sensors for a wide range of industries, Hamilton is now selling it products directly to customers in major US regions from initial quote to final delivery. This shift in sales strategy brings Hamilton sales managers and support specialists closer to customers and their processes, and allows for deeper service and support.

To enhance our national coverage, Hamilton acquired the experience sales team from MopHius Analytics and has expanded the support team that includes Ph.D-level applications specialists, technical support experts, and customer service representatives.

The purchase order process is NOT changing, so if you have purchased Hamilton products in the past, Hamilton is already set up as a supplier in your system. The primary difference moving forward is that your first point of contact will be with Hamilton regional sales engineers.

There are three options for finding your assigned Sales Manager:

We’re here to help! Contact our dedicated Sensor Hotline to speak with a Hamilton team member about the transition to direct selling.


Why Us Selling Direct Matters to You

Here are a few reasons why going direct with Hamilton will make your job easier.

Dedicated Hamilton Expertise

Hamilton's team of regional sales engineers, application specialists, technical support reps are dedicated to our product portfolio and are highly trained to provide the best recommendations in terms of sensor selection and process integration.

Quote-to-Receipt Purchase Support

The Hamilton team now supports you through the purchasing process from quote through receipt. Those working with third-party manufacturing reps will now be served directly by Hamilton regional sales engineers.

Full-Range Application and Technical Support

Hamilton’s application support and technical service teams work hand-in-hand with regional sales engineers to determine tailored solutions and answer application-specific questions.

Dedicated Order and Delivery Support

Hamilton’s customer service team is available to help with order status, lead times, and shipping information.

Find My Sales Manager

Hamilton’s Area Sales Managers are located in a city near you

Use the button below to find your region’s Area Sales Manager as well as contact information for application support, technical support, or customer service.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What regions are affected?

    Hamilton now sells direct to all customers in the United States and Canada with only the following exceptions:

    • Brewery customers will continue to be served by Gusmer Enterprises
    • Customers in the Central and Mountain West, including Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma who will continue to be served by TruFlow.
  • Do I have a new direct contact?

    Yes. Hamilton has a team of area sales managers located across the United States. To find your assigned contact, visit the following page and select your state from the drop-down menu

    Find My Contact

  • What does this mean for purchasing?

    The purchase order process is NOT changing, so if you have purchased Hamilton products in the past, Hamilton is already setup as a supplier in your system.

    If you have not purchased from Hamilton before, our area sales managers are available to walk you through the process.

    Find my sales manager

  • What is different now?

    All requests-for-quotes and product inquiries should be submitted directly to Hamilton team members for a quick response.

    Find my sales manager

The Full Hamilton Team

Each Hamilton Area Sales Manager is supported by Hamilton’s core team of application specialists, technical support specialists, and customer service representatives.

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