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VisiFerm ECS Versus RS-485 Sensor Outputs

Hamilton offers two different interfaces for the VisiFerm optical DO sensors. Learn the differences between ECS and RS-485 sensors.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Caps

There are several different options for optical dissolved oxygen (ODO) caps. This article provides recommendations for each product.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Cap Cleaning

Best practices for care and maintenance of optical dissolved oxygen (ODO) sensor caps.

Cathode Replacement on Polarographic DO Sensors

This quick guide discusses how to replace the cathode on OxyFerm and OxyGold polarographic DO sensors.

Electrolyte & Membrane Replacement for Polarographic DO Sensors

This quick guide discusses how to replace the electrolyte and membrane on OxyFerm and OxyGold polarographic DO sensors.

VisiFerm DO Sensor Measurement Accuracy

This short article discusses the accuracy of optical oxygen sensors across their measurement range.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Cap Quality

How do you know if the ODO cap on your sensor has degraded? This article gets into why these caps can degrade and how to assess them.

Comparing Optical To Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

There is a clear trend in the market towards replacing polarographic with optical dissolved oxygen. When evaluating the switch to optical, engineers must consider if there will be any impact on the current process due to the change in measurement principle.

Changing Caps on Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Optical oxygen sensors such as the VisiFerm require periodic cap replacement to maintain proper measurement accuracy. This article discusses the procedure to do this.

Best Practices: Zero Point Oxygen Calibration

There are several methods to achieving a good zero point calibration of optical and polarographic DO sensors. This paper looks at each procedure in depth.

White Paper: Measurement Challenges with Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Measurement of dissolved oxygen is a critical control parameter for optimizing cell growth in bioprocesses. Download this whitepaper to learn how to optimize measurement accuracy and reduce common sources of process-related error.

Storage & Shelf Life - Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

This brief article discusses the best practices for proper storage of polarographic sensors along with answering questions regarding shelf life.