Incyte Arc cell density sensors come standard with Modbus RTU (RS485) digital protocol. The output signal can be used to communicate with ArcAir software on a PC or laptop or directly connected to process control systems that accept the digital signal. Like all other Arc intelligent sensors, Incyte Arc can also be connected through a Wi 2G Wireless Bluetooth adapter (Ref 243470). Examples of each wiring connection are provided below.

Incyte Arc Connection to PC


Direct connection to a PC is accomplished using the Arc USB Power Cable (Ref 243490-01). If connection with the sensor AND the Wi 2G Wireless Bluetooth Adapter is desired then use (Ref 243490-02).

Incyte Arc Wiring to Process Control System (4-20mA and Modbus)

The addition of the Wi 2G Wireless Bluetooth Adapter adds wireless communication to the Incyte Arc sensor. In addition, the adapter enables two passive 4-20mA outputs. The Wi 2G Adapter also provides galvanic isolation for the analog outputs thus is a good choice for PLCs and other devices that lack their own isolation of the input circuit.


Wiring from the Wi 2G Wireless Bluetooth Adapter to the control system is shown below. An M12 8-pole Data cable should be chosen. Cable options are as follows: Ref 355320 (3M length), Ref 355321 (5M length), Ref 355322 (10M length).

Incyte Arc Wi2G Terminations

Incyte Arc Wiring to Process Control System (Modbus Only)

The simplest form of connecting Incyte Arc is using its native Modbus signal to communicate directly with the control system. In this case, the modbus registers must be setup in the control system to perform the proper read / write functions.

Incyte Arc Modbus Only Illustration
Incyte Arc Vp8 Terminations

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