Benefits of a VCD Soft Sensor

In tightly controlled processes, real-time decisions rely on accurate data. Historically, off-line methods of VCD measurement have been used for these process actions but do not have the advantages of a continuous signal. ArcAir Data Modeling is a correlation tool that provides a continuous signal that matches accepted off-line cell counts by using in-line permittivity measurement.

How Does ArcAir Data Modeling Work?

The measurement principle of classical off-line cell density measurement methods and the permittivity measurement of Incyte Arc are based on different approaches, so they often don’t match throughout a process. Classical linear correlations often work only for the exponential phase of the growth curve. ArcAir Data Modeling is an MVDA software that combines several of the measurement parameters provided by the Incyte Arc sensor into a soft sensor that issues a cell density reading well correlated throughout the process. The software uses historical sets of process data (Incyte Arc scan data and off-line counts) to closely correlate the in-line signal to off-line data points.

Will ArcAir Data Modeling Help with My Process?

ArcAir Data Modeling works best in bioprocesses with only slight variations in process control. Process development should be completed to the point that the model is created and applied within one bioreactor size. If your bioprocess matches this description and you would like a better correlation between your off-line viable cell counts and permittivity data, fill out our request for software form below, and we will be in touch within 1–2 business days.

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