ArcView controllers have 8 GB of storage space which corresponds to approximately one year of data at a recording period of 1 second. If continual usage occurs Hamilton recommends periodically purging of the files to maintain optimal operation of the controller. The following are recommended actions to maintain data storage and memory on ArcView controllers and Cell Density Integration Kits.


  • Enter the Administrator menu and press "Administrator Files". The default password is 14147125
  • Press "Erase Temporary Files" to clean the memory. The system will automatically restart after executing this command


  • Navigate to the Explorer Tab on the Main Menu.
  • Connect a USB memory drive to an available port and navigate the right pane to the USB drive. Select the available drive and press "Open". If no drive present, click "Refresh" to repopulate pane.
  • Select the files of interest for transfer on the left pane and press "Copy" to add to the open USB drive.
  • Verify successful file transfer to USB before proceeding.
  • Delete files from ArcView controller storage by highlighting each file and pressing "Delete" under the left pane. Note: ArcView controller memory storage should not be used for long term storage of data. It is recommended to transfer culture files immediately after completion of a run.