This article takes a look at different ways that the Incyte Arc cell density sensor can be connected to process control systems (PCS) and compares its methodology with the older, pre-amp based Incyte products.

4-20mA Analog Outputs

Incyte Arc requires the use of the Wi 2G Wireless Bluetooth Adapter (Ref 243470) to output 4-20mA signals. Two analog outputs can be transmitted from the sensor. These analog outputs can be individually configured for VCD (Viable Cell Density), Conductivity, or Temperature. Configuration is accomplished through ArcAir Software.

Pre-Amp versions of Incyte sensors require the ArcView Controller and the 4-20mA Analog Output Box (Ref 243850). The analog output box is a DIN rail mounted card that offers four outputs for cell density, and four outputs for conductivity. Setup and configuration is done through the Arc View Controller.

Incyte arc connections
Incyte pre-amp connections

Modbus Communication

Modbus is the main output signal of the Incyte Arc sensor. It can be directly connected to the process control system or passed through the Wi 2G Bluetooth Adapter (Ref 243470).

Both Incyte Arc and the pre-amp version of Incyte offer Modbus digital protocol. The pre-amp version of Incyte always requires the Arc View Controller and Modbus is a standard output from the controller.

Incyte arc modbus
Incyte arc pre-amp modbus

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