More functionality, lower costs, better usability with the Arc Sensors.

HIPRA uses intelligent Arc sensors for pH, DO measurement in a process fermentation plant

  • Industry: Biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology
  • Applications: Production plants (bacterial cultures, cell cultures, vaccines) and research and development
  • Hamilton products: Easyferm Bio Arc PHI 120, VisiFerm DO Arc 120, Data Cable, Flexifit U TC 50-15º
Visiferm Do Arc

HIPRA is an animal health company, leader in verterinary biologic products, mainly vaccines. Headquarters of the comany are located in Amer (Girona, SPAIN). From benchtop fermenters in R&D to direct PCS connection in production, HIPRA trusts Hamilton Arc intelligent sensors. In the production plant they have two different systems. One is using single-use technology, while the other is using stainless steel tanks or fermenters.

HIPRA’s philosophy is a perfect match for Hamilton’s Arc intelligent technology as they are moving to cloud solutions, sensor digitalization, and intelligent instrumentation. As a result of teamwork between the IT department, integrators, and Hamilton specialists, HIPRA standardized on the optical dissolved oxygen sensor (VisiFerm DO Arc) and pH Arc sensor (EasyFerm Bio Arc PHI) as necessary parameters.

Additionally the Arc sensors provide an easy to use calibration
procedure which is programmed directly via Modbus RTU in to the process control system (PCS). Sensor quality indication and calibration status (passed or failed) are also directly communicated for simpler troubleshooting and control.

Features of Arc

  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Robust digital Modbus or 4-20 mA analog signal
  • Calibration in the lab
  • Current and historical data to predict sensor life
  • Sensor diagnostics for simplified troubleshooting
  • Wireless options

Why Arc?

«With the integrated transmitter in the sensor we gain more space at the measuring point, lower the investment costs and improve signal stability and reliability.»
Albert Bou Automation Engineer

«For our operators at the production lines it is very important to have a guided calibration procedure with a quality indicator which shows the sensor health and as well the confirmation of a successful calibration. The Arc sensor status itself indicates
warnings or errors information which makes troubleshooting easy by quickly identifying sensors that may require attention.»
Marta Ros Bacterial Culture Area Manager

In collaboration with

Albert Bou Automation Engineer

Marta Ros Bacterial Culture Area Manager

Ariadna Vilar Process Development Researcher

Ester Espinosa Process Development Technician


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