The Beverly Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer is designed for liquid phase oxygen measurement throughout the brewing process. Many users also find applications for the Beverly on gas phase oxygen measurements. Typical applications include CO2 purging of tanks, filters, kegs, and piping prior to filling with liquid. When used in this manner there are several considerations to be aware of for accurate oxygen measurement.

Unit of Measure – The unit of measure for gas phase oxygen is normally % Volume, not PPB or mg/L. For reference air contains 20.95% Volume oxygen. For best results the unit of measure should be changed through menu by going to Settings >> DO Unit

Pressure – Gas is compressible thus pressure fluctuations greatly affect the reading. Gas Sample tubing should be routed through the Beverly then vented to atmosphere. This prevents any backpressure build-up which could artificially inflate the oxygen reading.

Temperature – Temperature is another variable that influences the gas density and impacts the oxygen measurement. If the Beverly is cold (such as after flowing cold beer through it) then let it warm up to room temperature prior to any gas phase measurements.