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A firmware update for Arc Wi Adapters 1G and 2G can be done using the ArcAir software.

Once ArcAir is downloaded and installed follow the following instructions to update Firmware (FW) of the Arc Wi BT adapter. The following Video will also help you through the process.

  1. Make sure that you have the following hardware connected.
    1. Hamilton Arc Sensor.
    2. Arc USB power cable.
    3. Arc Wi 1G or 2G (the one you want to update).
    4. Arc USB BT converter or Internal Bluetooth Bt 4.1 or later (together with ArcAir 3.8.1 and later).
    5. Download the latest firmware for Arc Wi adapters.
  2. Open ArcAir.
  3. Once open, navigate to Backstage (top left).ArcAir Update Sensor Dashboard
  4. In the Backstage navigate to the firmware page.ArcAir Update Firmware page
  5. Within the firmware page select Arc Wi Adapters TAB.ArcAir Update Adapters Tab
  6. Follow the instructions (top right).

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