Reusing water helps to increase efficiency of a power plant and to minimize its footprint. Keeping the loop as close as possible is a major goal of power plants.




Stock Water

Stock water is already used water for generating electrical power. It is captured and recycled for the following steps. By measuring pH and conductivity the status quo is determined.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most important purification step to get water of suitable quality for power generation because all ions such as chloride are removed. The result is pure or ultra-pure water.


Water De-Aeration Power

After reverse osmosis there might still be some dissolved gases in the water. De-aeration removes dissolved oxygen in order to avoid corrosion of the turbines.


Distillation Or Ultrafiltration

Distillation is last step to ensure that make-up water for the turbines fulfills the requirements of ultra-pure water. This is critical for the efficiency of the power plant as the risk of corrosion has to be minimized.

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