Water treatment is used to standardize and optimize water based processes. Due to different process requirements and raw water qualities, purification steps leading to defined process water is key. Purified water helps to reduce scaling and corrosion of valuable assets i.e. reactors, heat exchangers, etc.



Water Purification Before Reverse Osmosis

Water needs to be treated in order to run reverse osmosis efficiently. As key indicator for the success of the pre-treatment conductivity is measured. Some of the Reverse osmosis units are located in hazardous environment areas requiring suitable measurement technology.

pH at Reverse Osmosis

Goal of the pH measurement at the reverse osmosis is to detect the break through of ions influencing the pH value. These would increase the risk of corrosion in the system. The pH sensors used need to measure precisely in a low ion containing environment.

Water Purification After Reverse Osmosis

After Reverse osmosis conductivity measurement is used as an indicator for the effiency of the process.

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