Before chemicals can be used or applied suitable mixtures for various applications need to be formulated. The formulation procedure needs to be monitored closely because some recipes require a chronological order of the components in order to avoid by products and to maximize the yield.



pH of the Product

The process conditions are monitored to keep control on the process and to ensure the desired result.

Dissolved Oxygen in Cooling Water

Piping systems and heat exchangers are prone to corrosion if the content of dissolved oxygen is too high, especially if the amount of corrosion inhibitors is too low at the same time.

Conductivity in Cooling Water

As cooling water contains corrosion inhibitors conductivity measurement indicates if their concentration is in the desired range. Reservoirs of cooling water need to be refilled from time to time leading to a decrease in corrosion inhibitor concentration and thus a higher risks for the piping system and heat exchangers.

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