At the end of the maturation process the beer is almost free of oxygen but yeast and other turbidity causing particles are precipitated or still in suspension. These have to be removed without uptake of oxygen. The purpose of filtration is to make beer optically stable so that no visible changes occur during shelf life. The low levels of dissolved oxygen have to be kept untill the beer is finally packaged at the filling line.



Separator for Filtration

Proteins and other colloidal suspended molecules such as oligosaccharides are removed from the beer to get clear bright beer that will be stored for maturation. The separation process is a potential risk of an oxygen uptake and thus might affect stability and flavor negatively.


Unwanted polyphenols and other molecules are removed using PVPP or Kieselguhr. These have to be removed afterwards using a filter in order to get a stable, clear, and bright beer.

Water De-Aeration

Beer drinkers expect a standardized product regarding color, flavor and alcohol content. Due to the fact that not every sweet wort leads to the exact same result de-aerated water is added to standardize alcohol and color.

Coloring Beer Tank

If the beer in the bright beer tank is too pale color will be standardized using beer from the coloring beer tank which is made of darker malt leading to darker beer.

Bright Beer Tank

Maturation of bright beer might take up to 4 weeks depending on the type of beer.

Filling Line

Prior to packaging the DO content in the filling line is monitored. The procedure only starts if the DO value is below the determined limit. Additionally the bottles and cans need to be oxygen free in order to avoid negative effects on the beer. Therefore bottles and kegs are purged and evacuated with CO2.

Bottle & Keg Washer

Returning bottles and kegs need to be checked for damages upon arrival. If still in good shape they will be cleaned and sanitized prior to re-filling. The rinsing water is monitored for its pH value to ensure that the caustic cleaning solution has been removed completely.

Specific Applications

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