The brewing process relys on supporting processes like water preparation, Cleaning In Place, and wastewater treatment. As water has become a major cost factor the water use has to be limited as much as possible and reusing, resp. recycling have become more and more important. This also helps to reduce the environmental footprint of a brewery.



Water Preparation Brewery

Water used for brewing and rinsing purposes has to meet drinking water requirements. So entering water will be monitored for its pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen values. If necessary the water has to be treated in order to meet the requirements.

Cleaning In Place

Cleaning In Place is a common process in many industries to remove unwanted substances from the processing equipment and to avoid cross-contaminations. Usually acidic and caustic solutions are used to achieve both goals. Between each step the previous solution has to be removed and the equipment to be rinsed with water.

Wastewater Treatment Brewery

Water used for rinsing and cleaning purposes is usually not suitable for the municipal water system because at least one of the requirements is not met. So the water has to be treated on site to meet the local requirements.

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