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Microlab 600 Dthp With Snorkel

Sometimes the Microlab 600 instrument is exposed to harsh or dirty environments and maintaining these instruments is a constant task. This section introduces a series of products designed to protect the instrument when it is exposed to these harsh environments including the AirShield with optional tubing and the Screen Protector. The AirShield is designed to keep clean air flowing across the instrument and connections to limit corrosion from caustic fumes. The optional tubing may be used when the instrument is in a more demanding environment which requires the fresh air to be brought in from outside the harmful environment. In addition there is a Screen Protector that is designed to protect the controller from a chemical spill.

Part # Description
68562-01 AirShield
93009-01 AirShield Tubing Kit
64241-01 Microlab 600 Screen Protector

Microlab 600 Screen Protector

The Microlab 600 screen protector is designed to protect the controller screen from chemical damage if a spill occurs. Chemicals can easily be wiped off the surface of the screen protector to limit exposure. This is an accessory that is recommended when users are working with chemicals that could potentially harm the color touch screen user interface.

Microlab 600 Ml600 Controller Screen Protector

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