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Syringe 81022

Found in Kratel Partoscope FD Syringes, Tecan Diluters 450, 460, 470, and Samplers 505, 510, and 5052 Syringes, Instrument Syringes, PSD/6 Syringes, Hamilton 1700 Series Syringes.


Volume 100 µL
Syringe Type Gastight
Syringe Series 1700
Termination PTFE Luer Lock (TLL)
Needle Metal (N) or Kel-F
Gauge No Needle Included
Point Style No Needle Included
Needle Length No Needle Included
Plunger Style X-Style
Fluid Path Borosilicate glass, PTFE
Autoclavable Yes
Gas Sterilizable Yes
Pressure 1000 psig (68.9 bar)
Maximum Temperature 115°C / 239°F
Minimum Temperature 10°C / 50°F
Barrel Inner Diameter 0.057 inches (1.46 mm)
Barrel Outer Diameter 0.305 inches (7.75 mm)
Std Needle Dead Volume N/A
Sales Quantity 1 syringe per pack
  • Part # / Ref: 81022
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