ZEUS air displacement pipette

The ZEUS pipetting channel includes an integrated Z-Axis with built-in aspirate and dispense algorithms that coordinate movements, liquid classes, container geometries, and error handling. The ZEUS family of pipetting modules is designed for integration into instrumentation requiring on-board pipetting. They perform single sample transfers and multiple dispenses (e.g., aliquoting) from 1 μL to 1 mL with the highest precision and accuracy. The ZEUS Pipetting Modules utilize Hamilton’s revolutionary air displacement pipetting technology and CO-RE™ (compressed O-ring expansion) tips.

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  • ZEUS Channels

    Part # / Ref # Description
    800700 ZEUS Pipetting Channel (Straight, Motor Back)
    800701 ZEUS Pipetting Channel (Straight, Motor Forward)
    800740 ZEUS Pipetting Channel (Right Angle)
    800741 ZEUS Pipetting Channel (Folded 180 degree, Motor Back)
    800743 ZEUS Pipetting Channel (Folded 180 degree, Motor Front)
  • ZEUS Accessories

    Part # / Ref # Description
    6606396-03 ZEUS CO-RE II Tip Adapter (1/pk) - V3
    800336 Holder for CO-RE tip rack
    800337 Tip ejection sleeve (1/pk)
  • ZEUS Starter Kit

    Part # / Ref # Description
    202977-0020 Test Platform (Holder, Communication Box, and Software)
    202977-0021 Holder for ZEUS module
    202977-0022 ZEUS Communication Box and Software
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