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Hamilton Storage GmbH has completed installation of the first new Verso automated sample management system. Purchased by a major European pharmaceutical company, the modular Verso functions as the facility’s primary powder compound library storage system, providing the capacity to store 2.6 million glass vials at ambient temperature. The automated system enables fast and reliable sample retrieval and delivery for processes in pharmaceutical screening.

“This customer has recently moved into a new building and wanted to put a sample management system in place that delivers the most advanced capabilities, along with a compact footprint and expansion ability to handle more samples in the future,” explained Dr. Martin Frey, vice president of Hamilton Storage. “The modular Hamilton Verso system was chosen because of its high throughput, innovative technology and footprint. The reliability of new the system, combined with a streamlined design that minimizes moving parts, will also enable the company to lower their operating costs.”

This large compound storage system is now in day-to-day operation, demonstrating the advantages of the technology built into the Verso. Ideal for a range of applications, the Verso system can be scaled to fit sample capacities from 100,000 to over 5 million tubes at temperatures from ambient down to -20 °C. Verso is capable of storing and processing up to 1,500 tubes or 170 plates per hour and enables loading and unloading of up to 70 sample racks at a time. To complete a fully automated workflow, Verso can integrate with Hamilton automated liquid handling workstations, such as the Microlab STAR or the Microlab VANTAGE Liquid Handling System.