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The HDM - Hamilton Device Manager is only available by contacting Hamilton Technical Support.

News 2012 Hdm

At the beginning April 2012, Hamilton launches its new device manager. The HDM - Hamilton Device Manager is the successor of the Arc Sensor Configurator.

The Hamilton Device Manager is a frame application based on FDT (Field Device Tool) technology. With the HDM (Hamilton Device Manager), we also do provide DTM (Device Type Manager) as “driver” for our Arc sensors, usable to any FPT application.

The Hamilton Device Manager application allows to accessing and managing parameterizable field devices. Hamilton Device Manager allows Hamilton to support open industry standards.

Functions of the Hamilton Device Manager:

  • Integration of field devices of various manufacturers in one user interface
  • Creation and configuration of bus systems
  • Execution of device functions (configuration, parameterization, diagnosis, calibration ...)
  • Management of parameters of all devices in one project file

Properties of the Hamilton Device Manager

  • Supports DTMs (e.g. ModBus RTU Comm DTM) that are based on the FDT technology
  • Supports the bus protocols ModBus, HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Interbus, AS-Interface and more field busses in future