The needles on Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) syringes are coated from the point for 3/4” with a PTFE-coating. The coating reduces the surface tension between the needle and the liquid making it ideal for reproducible sample spotting. The TLC syringe is available as a cemented needle (SNTLC) or as a replacement needle to be installed into a standard removable needle (RN) syringe. To find the appropriate no needle syringe select general syringes and filter by termination and gauge. Choose the “RN” and “No Needle Included” options to see all syringes that can receive TLC needles. To find the appropriate TLC needle select the TLC option under “Needles” in the main product menu.

Item # Description
81050 100 µL, Model 1710 N SYR, Cemented NDL, 22 ga, 2 in, point style 3T
80250 25 µL, Model 1702 N SYR, Cemented NDL, 22s ga, 2 in, point style 3T
80950 50 µL, Model 1705 N SYR, Cemented NDL, 22 ga, 2 in, point style 3T
80050 10 µL, Model 1701 N SYR, Cemented NDL, 26s ga, 2 in, point style 3T
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