Date: November 2015
University of Minnesota | Biochemistry
Dan Gallaher, Professor

The University of Minnesota features a nutrition laboratory class that is unique. Very few programs in the USA offer nutrition laboratory classes, and none are as biochemically focused as the curriculum of Professor Daniel Gallaher. Research is being done on diet and colon cancer as well as diet and diabetes/obesity. His Experimental Nutrition course (FScN 4613; 100 students per year) has influenced a significant number of students to change their academic direction and choose to go to graduate school for a laboratory-based research project. The food analysis course (FScN 4312) for food science majors is quite rigorous. Their advanced methods of food analysis course (FScN 4311) uses advanced instrumentation such as LC-MS and NMR. All of these are undergraduate courses, attesting to the strength of the University of Minnesota nutrition programs. The syringes from Hamilton would allow us to have sufficient high-quality syringes to dedicate the syringes to our teaching program, thereby assuring access and keeping them in good condition.

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