Evaluating Procedures for Cleaning Birds and Other Wildlife Affected by Oil Spills
DATE: April 2021
Oklahoma State University | School of Chemical Engineering
Prem Bikkina, PhD. | Associate Professor

We will use the high pressure syringes to measure CO2 solubility and diffusivity in hydrocarbon oils. The gas solubility and diffusivity measurements require us to know the volume of the liquid plug before and after saturating it with the gas. So we need a high precision syringes such as the ones made by Hamilton Company.

Our research group has been developing microfluidics for various applications such as enhanced oil recovery studies, and emulsion characterization. Now, we plan to develop a simple microfluidics-based gas solubility and diffusivity measurement technique that can be used by scientific community for various applications. We publish peer-reviewed journal articles, present at various national and international conferences. Therefore, we will gladly acknowledge Hamilton at the venues for this grant. Our research team hosts a national lab day event at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, every year, where many regional high school students come to learn various fundamental and applied scientific principles and concepts. We will use these syringes for the event also. We also host GrandParentsUniversity where children come with their grandparents to attend a few days of hands on work shop to learn some fundamental and applied scientific principles and concepts. We will use the syringes in that event also.

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