Evaluating Procedures for Cleaning Birds and Other Wildlife Affected by Oil Spills
DATE: February 2021
Bauer Research Foundation
Annette Sysel, DVM, MS | Chief Scientific Officer

Our lab utilizes a nitrogen oxides analyzer with a custom impinger chamber with injection septa. Currently, we are working on a project which hyper-saturates NO gas in a gel type polymer. To test the amount of nitric oxide (NO) or "NO load" we transfer the NO-loaded gel from the reactor to the analyzer sample chamber anaerobically. Hamilton Gas tight syringes will get the job done without loss of NO gas.

We provide paid internships to undergraduate science students so that they can develop an appreciation for the drug development process which may inspire them to become research scientists. Our main research focus is the testing of nitric oxide based compounds for anticancer and antimicrobial/antiviral use. Typically we train 4-5 students each semester.

Our lab trains students in real world applications of science as it relates to the drug discovery process. Our goal is to use the results from this project to apply to the FDA for the use of our NO-loaded gel as a hand sanitizer.

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