Hamilton Grant Testimonial
University of Michigan | Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry
Erica Siismets, Assistant Professor

I want to use Hamilton syringes to more accurately inject small volumes of solution into newborn to early-postnatal mice. I am studying FGF signaling in craniofacial development of mice with hypophosphatasia, a disease of defective bone mineralization. My preliminary results are somewhat inconclusive, and I suspect that not being able to control for the small volumes injected may be interfering with my results. Hamilton syringes will allow me to inject exact volumes of 25 or 50uL, which cannot be confidently done with insulin syringes.

The Hamilton syringes I would receive from this product grant would help me achieve my research goals by ensuring the mice are receiving exact volumes of solution. Hamilton syringes would help me minimize my error of volume injected and would therefore eliminate the possibility of volume error confounding the results.

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