Date: December 2016
Cerritos Community College | Organic Chemistry
Rena Lou

Like many other colleges, due to budget limitations, the Organic Chemistry students at Cerritos Community College in Norwalk, CA were using plastic, disposable syringes. Because plastic does not work well with organic chemicals, the students were using medicine droppers to count by drops, when transferring liquids.

Cerritos Community College is proud of their very high standard of teaching within their Organic Chemistry courses. Rigorous training in their labs requires the use of good-quality syringes/needles that will enhance their students’ experience in the labs. Good hands-on training is a must for their pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental, and future researcher students.

At the end of their one-year course, their students are required to take the national American Chemical Society standardized exam. An amazing 40% of their students achieve 90th percentile or above. That means that 40% of their students perform better than 90% of all the Organic Chemistry students nationwide.

Hamilton Company is happy to award $1,000 worth of high quality syringes that will enhance the lab experience for their students. Congratulations and continued success to Cerritos Community College!

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