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Review the three options below to determine which needle hub is compatible with your syringe.

Once the needle hub is identified, click the link to browse the available needle gauges, lengths, and point styles, or build your own custom needle using the Hamilton Visual Needle Builder.


Option 1: I already know my syringe termination.

Syringe Termination Tll Ptfe

TLL - PTFE / Luer Lock

Compatible Needle Hubs:

Syringe Termination Lt

LT - Luer Tip

Compatible Needle Hub:

Syringe Termination Rn

RN - Removable Needle 100 μL or Smaller

Compatible Needle Hub:

Syringe Termination Rn

RN - Removable Needle 250 μL or Larger

Compatible Needle Hub:

Syringe Termination Samplelock Sl

SL - Sample Lock

Compatible Needle Hub:


This termination accepts 5/8" I.D. flexible tubing. These syringes are used for air sampling, preparing gas standards, and calibrating reservoirs and pneumographs.

Option 2: I know my syringe part number, but not the termination.

  • Match your syringe termination to the product photos above.
  • Search the Hamilton syringe part number by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of any page on the Hamilton website. The product page will link the compatible needle hub directly under the product photo, and the termination and the compatible needle hub will be listed within the specifications.
  • Search your Hamilton syringe part number within the Visual Needle Builder to build a needle which meets your needs.


Option 3: I have a plastic syringe and need a compatible needle.

  • Many plastic syringes use an industry standard Luer or Luer Lock connector. For these syringes both the Hamilton Metal Hub and the Kel-F Hub needles are compatible.