Removable Needle (RN) Syringe (100 µL or smaller)

7000 Series Syringe to Glass Capillary Needle, PEEK tubing, or Small Hub RN Needle

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Luer to Small Hub RN Adapter


Dual Small Hub RN Coupler

Small Hub RN NeedlesHamilton Small RN Hub Needles are compatible with the Hamilton Removable Needle (RN) termination (RN syringes 100 µL and smaller)


RN Compression Fitting 1/16 inch (Connect a Small Removable Needle (RN) Syringe to 1/16 inch OD PEEK tubing)
55750-01RN Compression Fitting 1 mm (Connect a Small Removable Needle (RN) Syringe to 1 mm OD glass capillary)

Note: Hamilton Company does not sell PEEK tubing or glass capillary needles. These products must be sourced through a third party.