Pipettes Softop Profile Padded

Adjustable Volume Bottle Top Dispensing

The SofTop Quik Dispenser is safe and easy-to-use with an exceptional soft touch and sure-grip ergonomic design. Calibrated volumetric steps assure identical volume delivery every time. The graduated gauge offers user-independent reproducible volume delivery. With an innovative plunger made of aluminum oxide ceramic, there is no chance of abrasions, scratching, swelling or flaking of the coating layer. The SofTop Quik Dispenser has a screw-fitted suction hose, eliminating the possibility of air bubbles during aspiration.

Part # Description
51249-74 Suction Tube for SofTop Quik Dispensers up to 10 ml, 12 in
51249-20 SofTop Quik Dispenser, 0.4-2.0mL
51249-70 Dispensing Nozzle for SofTop Quik Dispensers up to 10 mL
51249-01 SofTop Quik Dispenser, 0.2-1.0mL
51249-72 Dispensing Nozzle for SofTop Quik Dispensers 30 mL to 60 mL
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