Microlab 600 Controllers

The Microlab 600 controller is designed to ensure a streamlined workflow so that labs can increase accuracy and throughput while at the same time reducing labor and reagent costs.

Standard Features

The controller features a large, easy-to-use touchscreen with a processor more than 20 times faster than the original controller. A dedicated host USB port enables connection to a keyboard, mouse, printer, and barcode reader

1. Memory Slot

2. Optional Power Input

3. Host USB for Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, and Barcode Scanner Ethernet

4. Slave USB Port

5. Optional RS-232

Controllers for Basic or Advanced Applications

Basic Controller

The Basic Microlab 600 controller quickly performs standard dilutions and dispensing using a Quick Start screen.

Basic Software Features

Advanced Controller

The Advanced controller contains a significant number of additional features and allows users to create methods using air gaps, washing, repetitive dispensing, and more. For users with the Basic controller that would like to upgrade, it can be easily converted to the Advanced using a simple software kit (P/N 61500-02).


Syringe Pumps and Stepper Motors

The pump unit is the heart of the Microlab 600. The Microlab 600 is available as a single or dual syringe system. The pump unit contains a precision drive motor, the syringe drive mechanism, the valve assembly, syringe selection button, prime button, power button, and hand probe receptacles.

The high torque, precision stepper motors provide unsurpassed positional accuracy across the full range of Hamilton syringes from 10 µL to 50 mL. The instrument communicates with the controller or a computer network via an Ethernet port. Serial communication via RS-232 is also possible for programming in a non Windows® environment.

Precision syringe drives with 48,000 step resolution over 60 mm. The front of the Microlab 600 syringe pump also features lighted power and priming buttons for ease of use in any lab condition. Independent left and right trigger ports universally accompany any lab set-up or technician.

Syringe Pump Features