Laboratory sensors are used for many different applications and must show excellent accuracy, provide fast readings, and endure long periods without use. Hamilton sensors do just that. Choose from refillable glass-body pH electrodes to robust, maintenance-free plastic shaft electrodes.

Lab Sensors Liqglass


A robust, daily use laboratory electrode for titrations with strong acids and bases.
Lab Sensors Single Pore Glass

Single Pore

Designed for use in emulsions, ion-weak media or even general laboratory applications where high accuracy and fast response are needed.
Lab Sensors Polilyte Lab

Polilyte Lab

Maintenance free design makes this the best choice for applications with high clogging potential such as suspensions and emulsions.
Lab Sensors Flushtrode


A unique sleeve diaphragm makes this sensor well suited for viscous applications and proteinaceous media that clog conventional pH sensors.
Lab Sensors Slimtrode


The SlimTrode has a slim, 6 mm shaft diameter which allows measurements anywhere in the lab - even in test tubes with strong acids.
Lab Sensors Filltrode


A plastic shaft and flat glass membrane make this sensor ideal for applications where frequent breakage of the sensor is a concern.
Lab Sensors Gel Glass

Gel Glass

The Gel-Glass is a maintenance-free electrode with excellent value, and well suited for everyday applications.


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