Custom Syringe Compression Fittings

Custom Built

Various customers reported the need for a reliable, low dead volume connection between Hamilton syringes and glass or plastic tubing. Solutions in the literature involved pressing tubing over the end of a needle or sealing the connecting with wax. These connections proved to be unreliable and cumbersome to assemble and prime.


To address these requests Custom Built Engineers repurposed compression fitting designs commonly used in chromatography to work with Hamilton's low dead volume removable needle connection. The two piece cup and ferrule design work with all existing removable needles syringes (100 µL and smaller) currently in the field. This simple solution made it possible for customers to easily connect glass capillary and plastic tubing to achieve a reliable connection and seal.

To simplify priming of the syringe and tubing, a priming kit was also released that enables complete priming of the syringe and tubing by backfilling the system with buffer or mineral oil.


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