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Hamilton at the Good Food Conference

Discover Hamilton's process sensor solutions for cultivated meat production at the Good Food Conference 2023 in San Francisco. Our sensors and accessories help overcome the challenges of scaling up cultivated meat production by enabling better process insight and optimization with real-time measurements. Hamilton sensors for in-line measurement of viable cell density, pH, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved CO2 can take your cultured meat process to the next level.

Visit the Hamilton team at booth #311.

Download our New Application Note

Take your cultivated meat process to the next level with exclusive insights from our new application note. Cultured meat company Meatable utilizes Hamilton's Incyte Arc sensor to monitor pluripotent pig cells in their process. Fill out the form to access the application note and discover the potential to maximize cultivated meat productivity through Viable Cell Density (VCD) in-situ measurement.

Application note for Cultivated Meat

Discover the Benefits of Using In-line Sensors

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Hamilton Sensors can help overcome some of the main challenges the cultivated meat & food industry faces today. Our innovative sensor solutions support the development of cultivated food processes such as lab-grown meat, plant-based meat, or hybrid products. Like any other cell fermentation process, cultivated meat cells need the right environment to grow. Hamilton process sensors enable better insight and automated control of critical process parameters such as cell density, pH, dissolved oxygen, and CO2.

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