From 26th to 28th March 2019 at Paris expo Porte de Versailles in France, exhibitors will present their products, solutions and innovations in the fields of Research, Analysis and Control in Industry sectors ranging from Biotechnology to Environment, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetology and Agro-food.
This unique event is entirely managed by the laboratory profession.

350 ehxhibitors
8 600 qualified professional visitors, from public and private laboratories
150 innovations, 7 of which will be rewarded by the Innovation Awards and the French Startup Award

Forum LABO will implement a unique program of conferences and qualifying, general, scientific and technical trainings.

About thirty 2-hour qualifying training courses, led by the exhibitors, will provide a qualification on new analysis techniques and technological advances.

Conferences held by the scientific associations who will present their works.

The SEP 2019 Congress - 13th congress of the French-speaking Association of the Separation Sciences - will be held back to back
with Forum LABO for the four thconsecutive edition. Three days of exchanges on the separative techniques, with 260 specialists, 40 conferences and about 150 posters.